Monday, February 28, 2011

Waiting for normal and a mind that will sleep....

Most everyone looks forward to the end of Christmas as they do for the first signs of the Holiday. Waiting for the holiday errand running to slow down, for the Christmas decorations to go back into their boxes, waiting for the comfort of routine to return and the normalcy of life to start again. I am still waiting. Still walking and hoping to stumble into what I knew and what I was content with.

The magic of Christmas is long gone but between the magic of Christmas and the renewal of spring we seemed to have taken a wrong turn on a road we hope to never travel on again. We started off the year by celebrating Avery's 7th birthday and newly pierced ears. Avery planned her seventh year celebration with dinner out with family, treats at school and a shared birthday weekend trip with her Sister. The birthday trip was great and the next plans were to celebrate Reagan’s 8th with a dinner and surprise treat to school as well. But then our rut disappeared. There was nothing magic to our February at first. But maybe in order to be reminded of the magic everyone must be given a glimpse of darkness. For us this was the first. For us I hope this is all it takes. For us I hope we learned and commit to memory the lessons that were left. For us most importantly, I hope we keep the blessings that were given close to us always. Most of these keep my mind running even in sleep.

The lesson of time. How it can creep and how it can fly. How you wish for it to go back and then how you so wish for it to jump ahead to safer place. I learned the power of time.

How the running of a machine telling you when things are okay or when they or not builds a false sense of security so very quickly. The ability of a set of numbers to bring joy and fear within moments of each other. The uneasiness of the silence when you reach the point of leaving the machines behind and then silently wishing to get to depend on them again.

I learned the power in the words hope and prayer. I thought I had already knew these…I did not. I believe I knew them as only words but these are not words…I felt Hope and Prayer. Maybe we are to learn these over and over again.

The importance of community – I thought I knew this one as well. I know I have friends, I always have. But I have friends and a community that I did not know that I had.

The importance of not just having a doctor that you trust but having yet another partner who is focused, even if only when needed, on someone who is half of your heart. I knew ours would care for our daughters…I did not know she would save one. How does this appear on an eob? How is this debt covered and repaid? How do I include this in the standard Christmas card?

The importance of family. I thought I already knew this one most of all. But I did not. I had forgotten how lonely it is to be separate while in the same place. Most everyone has family; most everyone has a wonderful family. But does everyone have a Grandmother who carries you when you cannot walk? Everyone has a Grandfather, but does everyone have one who cares enough and takes the time to know his own so well that that there is no need for special plans, directions or lists, he just knows and is there. Does everyone have a little sister who remembers the important items to pack from home? Does everyone have Aunts and Uncles searching for windows to be seen through? Does everyone have family too far to be standing at the door but who are present enough to feel as though they are? Seamless. I think that is what I learned about our family. We are for the most part seamless.

I hope to not forget what I learned. I hope to not be placed in a position where I must learn them again.

I hope to be better prepared. I hope to learn how to organize this mountain of gratitude into some form of the heartfelt thoughts in return for the handfuls of well wishes, cards and gifts. Where do you search when ‘thank you’ seems so very lacking? I hope for normal. I hope for one notch above boring. I hope for routine. I hope to always be thankful.

I will bring your toilet paper.

Something happened while the girls were brushing their teeth…something about a paper towel…something about someone being busy…something that let one to tears and one to anger….

I stepped into Avery crying and Reagan being hateful. I asked what had happened and did not get an answer….I told them to work it out and left the room. After a laundry switch I walked down the hall to Avery crying on her bed nearly uncontrollably. I walked her into Reagan’s room and sat her on the bed facing Reagan and told Reagan to fix it and then left again to work on Avery’s bedding. That did not happen so I asked them to get in bed, told them that they were tired and that they were grounded from each other on Sunday. This brought more tears….I explained that they would eat, play and watch TV, everything in separate rooms. More tears….and then oddly enough Avery started talking about how Reagan never brings her toilet paper when she needs it and that Avery always brings here some….umm insert chicken…this is where the occasional attention deficit set it. I figured it was best to get them into bed and not wait for another random complaint.

So to keep up with the historical now hug your fill in the blank here scenario. I told them one at a time to apologize to each other…to tell them that they loved each other….to hug each other....and then to promise to always bring each other toilet paper. I recieved the look that I get from them more and more...the one that reads something like "you are so weird". But I am okay with that.

Happy ending? Maybe not. But they are tucked away and sleeping hopefully dreaming of earlier today when they were walking hip to hip.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cleaning out the closet

Sunday afternoon I made the girls work with me in their closet to change out the seasons and to get the things that did not fit out so that the things that do fit could make it on a hanger.

Reagan likes this. Avery would rather have her teeth drilled.

I asked her to try on a pair of pants and matching sweater from Gymboree. It is very cute! Brown cords, with candy pieces embroidered down the pant legs with a matching sweater with candy pieces. Very Cute.

Her response.....and I wish I would have been able to record her face and attitude....was and i quote "that makes me feel like I am two or something".

Oh I adore her and her rolling eyes.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Six Flags

This past weekend we drove to Dallas to meet up with Jason's parents. We had planned on leaving right after we finished packing on Friday night. We were packed and out the door just after 6pm and headed towards the ATM. An ATM that was making a funny sound. Then to top off the gas where we learned that the ATM was not the one making the funny sound, we were. The back tire was loosing air. Fast. It was Friday, after 5, prime time to have car repairs done.
Luckily Sears found the problem and were able to fix the tire and we left OKC right on time. 9:30pm.

This happened to us once before on the way out of town, only it was a blow out in Shawnee on the way to Alabama on the interstate with a trunk load full of luggage. As in new parent, first time for the new baby to travel across the country to see the Grandparents type of trunk load.

I drove through rain, construction and horrible radio options all the way to Dallas. At one point, somewhere around 11pm and way past Norman we passed a travel stop on the opposite side of the road. A dark and lonely travel stop and then all of sudden I was hungry for a ham sandwich and a Diet Dr Pepper. And then I missed my brother Sean. And then I was bored. Tired of singing to myself. Tired of construction. Wishing that we were heading somewhere for longer than just a quick weekend. Wishing I had had a cooler to make myself a sandwich. Wishing I needed a GPS to find my way. And realized just how much I enjoy the word Vacation.

We checked in at 12:30am. The girls were up and ready to ride the luggage cart into the hotel.
Even in the middle of the night, they make me laugh. At the elevator while Jason was parking the car Avery said "Can you smell that? That is the smell of an indoor pool. I would not like that in my house, but in a hotel it is great!"

We rode up, somewhat unpacked and got ready to go to bed. Except for Reagan. She asked if she could take a shower because "there is nothing like a hotel shower even in the middle of the night." I have to agree with her on that one.

The girls loved the Dallas Six Flags Park. They loved the rides. Especially the log flume ride and the teacups. Luckily their Papa was willing to be soaked in the 70-degree weather and then willing to stand on the bridge over the falls to insure that every part of them was totally soaked. The look on their faces was priceless. i think Reagan was even a bit proud of her drenched look and seems to walk around as though she owned the park, or atleast that ride. Avery wanted to ride every roller coaster that she was tall enough for. And even after a full day at the park they were up for swimming in that great smelling indoor pool followed by a great hotel shower.

I love traveling with these two.

The one-two punch

Tooth inventory as of April 20th and a little drama.

Last Friday night while eating the ever so fresh apples out of a McDonald's kids meal; Reagan lost a tooth. Actually lost the tooth, in true Reagan form, in the apple. Once the excitement was over, the fear from the blood was gone and the dollars were adding up in her head she started to look for the tooth that she was afraid she had swallowed. Luckily Avery, the ever ready sidekick, found the missing tooth in a piece of apple.

Then on Sunday at lunch, in the midst of a crowd, the ever ready sidekick threw a left jab and in a one-two punch knocked out another. This time there was excitement from everyone in the room except the now twice toothless one and the sidekick, they were in tears.

Luckily the two teeth were side be side so that Reagan avoided be labeled a snaggle tooth.

One was crying because her tooth had been knocked was crying because the other one had really hurt her with girls.....and they are only six and seven......

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Straight from Avery...

As Avery was describing the type of dress she would want to buy in New York.....

"if I were me, which I am, I would choose one that goes like this"......

"If I were me, which I am" Classic. She has such a way with words. :o)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Suday

** Warning ** These pictures may become collector's items....this may be the last set matching holiday may no be suitable for those with weak hearts or for those spending any amount of time wrapped on these cute and polished not so little any more fingers.
Kind of sad....but still rather cute.
Happy Easter!
The weather here is great today minus the crazy winds.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So, is this a sign?

Summer is coming, school is ending and we are in the process of deciding what to do with the girls for their summer break and have started looking for a sitter. Their first sitter - EVER - at first they were more worried about it than we were but now the tables are switching. So far all we have done is ask around at our Churches and hung flyers at the local University which has resulted in about 3 names.

However....we have been thinking about this since January....and these are the events that have happened...coincidence....or a be the judge....

February - the fire in the kitchen - seemed to have kept their wits about them and put it out. Plus talk of getting them a phone to have on them while they are with the sitter just as they loose their DS in the house somewhere, becuase we had not bought them a carrying case for it. (they found it and are, according to them, now ready for the responsibility of a phone)

Early March - had an accident on the swing set, that included loss of skin and blood, Jason was home and knew nothing about it. I walked in from work and asked Reagan why she had the largest bandage we have on her arm. Apparently she skinned the upper back part of her arm and called her partner in crime, Avery, to patch it up since and I quote "she does not have eyes in the back of her head." I asked why they did not call for an adult's help and they shrugged their shoulders. "Of course not" I replied, "why would you call for an adult for a minor injury when you put out fires as a team?!" And then asked them if they were going to be responsible enough for a college-aged person to watch them.

Last week - I am at work, Jason is mowing and the girls are outside playing. Until Hoss speaks to them in only a language that they understand and informs them that he is so very hungry. But when Reagan gets back with a piece of gourmet deli meat he is in the front horse of course it makes total sense to climb the gate and follow him......after all the horses were in the back eating and she can "so outrun them." Right. One would think that doing this once and getting caught by Jason would be enough for A) Reagan to stay out of the field and B) cause Jason to go into cardiac arrest.....but no. She was found in the field a second time by Jason and surprisingly enough Jason lived to tell me about it when I pulled in from work.
The girls were also spotted on their way to the drive to follow Hoss again, most likely because he had asked for some dessert.

Today - Girls are out playing soccer. I am pulling in bikes and Jason is cooking dinner. The wind was crazy today and Jason has picked up the trash that had fallen out from the trashcans earlier in the day....except for one plastic bag and one Mayo Jar on the back side. I walk around trying to find the girls and find them with Avery picking up pieces of glass from the back bedroom porch. I shout at her to freeze and then ask what in the heck she was doing. She threw it at the concrete because she wanted to 'see what would happen'. Seriously?? I told them to leave it alone and to get inside for dinner. I also told them that they keep doing things to make me think that a sitter is a bad idea and a summer at LatchKey (the program at school) is the better way to go. Avery cried and kept apologizing all the way inside which seemed like a long time and even forgave me. Forgave me? For what?

Later the table was set and we were missing one of our short legged friends so I go looking again. I find Avery in her room crying. Darn. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she was sorry that she had done a stupid thing. First off, I called her out on using the word stupid so she owes someone $5 bucks and then we talked about the dangers of broken glass and the importance of calling for an adult next time. She stopped sobbing and forgave me again...looks like we are going to have to work on the meaning of that word, she seems to have it backwards.
She then told me that she just really does not want to go to LatchKey for the summer because she just hates it. And there is another $5 bucks.

So the girls alone for most of the summer with, for lack of a better word, a stranger! Or in town driving around with this stranger amongst the crazy people on this planet.

This is why some people decide to have plants instead of children. Plastic plants.

Press release....

Avery was not born to shop. She informed us of this at dinner today.

Well Child Appointments

Here's the stats and the reasons why Reagan was out of jeans for vacation in May and then again in August and then again at Back to School and at Christmas.......Avery must have flew just under the radar in some hand-me-down jeans.

Reagan went from 43" to 48" tall that is 5" in a 12 month period.....average is 2-3". She is now in the 50% in height. Even with all of the Ranch intake over the past year she has yet to weigh in at the 50 pound mark and went from 39.6 to 48.8 this year.

Avery grew from 42" to 46" this year so she should be able to attend most theme parks now. Right? She also hit the 50% in height this year. And went from 37 to 44 pounds. She asked on Sunday if she could stop riding in her booster because a friend of hers has....I believe her seat will hold her safely until she weighs 80 pounds! She may 10 years old before that happens.

She also told me this evening that she is ready to quit school and wants to be home schooled.
I told her to get over that quickly because she has roughly 20 more years to go. She was not impressed.

This is her first year and she is already struggling with Spring Fever. I hope this is not a pattern.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Apparently Spring is coming

Funny conversation with Avery and a Fire

On the way home last week Avery asked if I knew that her Uncle Sean could not read. She sounded so serious, so sad and so worried. I told her that he could in fact read and then asked why she thought he could not. She replied that when we were skiing Sean kept asking GP how to spell words. Which he did....most of the weekend while playing some type of Scrabble game on his phone. Just when you think they are not listening.....

Or not paying attention.....

Last weekend the girls were left home alone under the supervision of Grandpa and Grandma Skelton who apparently were on the couch reading the paper, watching the news and maybe even napping. Grandmother and Dad had left to run an errand. I was at work. Reagan was hungry.

The girls are allowed and usually help in some form to make their dinners. They are learning to use the microwave and have nearly mastered the art of cheese nachos. Chips, cheese and about 22 seconds. So Reagan thought she could make herself a snack. Since she could not reach the glass plates, she stacked two phone books and reached for a paper plate. Made her snack and and put it in the microwave. This would have all been fine, if the paper plate had not said "Happy Birthday" in a cute silver foil lettering.

Details are still sketchy, but apparently the plate caught fire, Avery got involved at some point and grabbed the fire extinguisher from the pantry, they both stood in front of the microwave and "blew real fast" until it was out and then cleaned up the evidence.

All of this while Grandpa and Grandma were reading the paper, watching the news and maybe napping. They had no idea. I am not sure how Mom and Jason found out or what they saw when they came home....but the mess was clean by the time I came home.

We have now had a lesson on what can and can not go into the microwave.

Proof that Little Girls Live Here.....

I love finding things like this. These babies spent the night in what appears to be sleeping bags at the foot of my bed.

Terrific Kid

Avery was awarded th Terrific Kid Award a couple of weeks ago for exemplifying Honesty.

She has waited A L L year for this so very presteigous award and even spent the first few weeks of school saying"please and thank you" for days on end. Here is a picture of the happy day.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Reagan Elise

Some say growing up is hard to do. I think they are mistaken. It is much more difficult to watch someone you love grow from a bald headed baby to a brave young lady. Reagan has been 7 years old for a month now. I promised myself I would not let an entire 30 days pass before collecting my thoughts, but its has been a busy 31 days. 31 days of milestones to add to a year full of them.

Reagan had her first sleepover, with what Jason and I hoped to be a small handful of girls plus Avery and Carter. A spa sleepover, complete with mud masks, cucumbers for the lines around the tired eyes of the group, a foot bath, manicures, "party food" as she requested and a movie to wind them down. Christy volunteered to paint fingers, Jason agreed to help with the food and I had ran all over town getting the perfect gifts to make spa goody bags. And then the RSVP's came in. All of them. So 10 plus our three had a picnic inside, played a game of Twister, had their spa treatments and ate and then ate again. They never tired and never stopped asking for food, never sat still and barely slept. So our first sleep over may very well be our last. I believe Reagan had a great time. She smiled and laughed until early Saturday morning. I was glad she had had a fun time with her friends and passed a stepping stone with flying colors.
The next day she was invited to sleepover of a good friend and long story short, she did not enjoy herself. I knew she was going to be tired. That worried me. I knew that the house was going to be full of girls she did not know from another school. That worried me. I knew the family had several pets, most all inside. That worried me. I knew that she would be somewhat on her own and that she knew she could call if she needed to. That gave me knots in my stomach. Reagan asks for a phone every now and again, that was the 3rd time I wish I would have given her one. I picked her up and before we got home, she was in tears and of course so was I. She was disappointed in a friend for the first time. But she passed a stepping stone and so did I maybe not with flying colors, but we passed.
She also started a new Math program at school. Rocket Math. 40 questions in two minutes, one error allowed but no left unanswered. At certain levels the students are recognized in front of the entire school. She set a goal, had me set the timer on the oven and time her night after night. We bought flash cards and she worked hard calling her Uncle Stuart every time she passed a level. Until the day she received a button at school stating she was a mini math master. She is now tested over books that she reads on a computer and has met her goal. She is becoming a good speller and is enjoying her enrichment classes. I think she now understands the process of setting and reaching a goal. Another stepping stone passed.
She has started giving me and Jason parenting advice. Even when not asked for. As well as giving Avery advice on reading, kindergarten, fashion, hair care and the lunch menu at school. As the oldest, I am sure this is not really a stepping stone but more of a bag of mixed stones in which she will use at her own leisure.
She has also started somewhat performing or doing something to get a laugh from those around her. Or at least that is what I am hoping she is doing. If not, she needs to be enrolled in a karate or dance class asap.
I noticed last weekend while she was standing/sitting at the table eating cereal with her great grandparents that she has grown again. Her legs from the knee to her hip a longer and she looks like the older kids at her school and not so much like Avery.

She also started a fire in the house but from what I can tell did not panic but instead took care of it in the way she knew how. Another stepping stone....maybe. We are working on can be cooked in the mocrowave and what to do in the case of an emergency a little more now than before just so that we can keep the stones she has crossed so far.
Her name is too long and to full of vowels to choose a characteristic from each, but I do know that she is still a little shy in new places and still a lot crazy. Very smart. Way too talkative, especially in the car or on the phone. Likes to think and talk outside the box. Resourceful to the point of being a pack rat. Artistic. Imaginative. Slower than molasses. She loves to run to town to shop or just to look. Helpful.
I know that this is not a complete list but this year she tried to save an wild animal, graduated kindergarten, lost two teeth, went to Atlanta, to Myrtle, spent her first summer break with 20 plus days away from home, played TBall, became a fish in the water, had her first sunburn, went to day camp, went to see Mt Rushmore, attended her first rodeo, panned for gold, went to Yellowstone, started full day school, got to go on a field trip by herself, rode a school bus alone, witnessed more snow than she had everseen before and went skiing in her very own spyder jacket.
Happy Birthday Reagan Elise Baskin.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Quote of the Day

Reagan decided that we should play some music on her stereo for Avery's party on Saturday so we went to the closet to look through some CD's. I handed her a Beach Boys Greatest Hits, a Jazz CD and a Disco CD that came as party favors over the years. She has asked what the purple on was. I told her it was from the 60's and 70's and was Disco music. Her response...

"Disco music. Great I can so square dance to this!"

Reagan Baskin, January 23, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Avery Marie

Avery turns 6 in about an hour. Six. When I tucked her in tonight I asked for one more great hug from a 5 year old. She told me that she would still give good hugs even though she was going go turn six tomorrow. I am glad for that.
I love my Avery Marie. She is sweet, funny, caring, crazy, goofy, quiet and sometime even helpful at home. Her preschool teacher was so correct when she asked me if Avery added the pixie dust to our lives. She does add the magic. I was trying to think about who Avery is at the ripe old age of six and since its late, I decided to take the easy way out and just use the letters in her name. Again wishing I had name the girls something short like Ann and Eve.

A - amusing. When is she not? She most always brings laughter to any group. Even when she does not say a word.
V- valiant. This may be a strong word for someone who clocks in at only 41 pounds. But to be valiant means to be vigorous in body, powerful and strong. Courageous and brave. Most everyone talks about Avery and her great hugs. Strong hugs. She is usually up to try most anything and will take one for the team. I think that is valiant.

E - easy going. Most of the time, she is up for whatever with whomever. Except with Jason and her choice of clothing for any particular day. Oh and as long as she receives three separate meals within one twenty-four hour period then all is well.

R - radiant. At least I think so, dressed up for a day/night on the town or asleep with one corner of her pillow case held in her sweet little hand.

Y - youthful. She just is.
Happy Birthday Avery Marie. You are a joy to so very many and it is an honor to be able to call you mine. I love you. ~ Mom

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just to document the event

I picked up the girls tonight and Reagan informed me that she needed $5 to join the Chess Club, because she went to Chess Club today and loved it. I replied with something sarcastic of course since I have been trying to get her to just try the one club she can join as a First grader since September. September. Of course she tried it 2 weeks before winter break. And apparently she went today because a friend of hers decided to give it a try. I guess beggers can not be choosers. But I still used the event to remind of her of the words spoken in September by one very wise person about the fun that something like Chess Club could be on winter recess days when the highs are only in the mid-twenties.

So we may start to play Chess with the new found favorite game of Uno!

Just a quick note

Not sure that I have passed this on....

On Saturday when I was taking the girls to Stillwater we got behind a car with two ladies in the front seat. They were both wearing large red hats. I mentioned them to the girls and started to tell them about the red hat groups. We decided that they were on their way to a holiday party and eventually got the chance to pass them. As we did I saw that they were waring feather boas as well. Reagan decided that they had to be going to something fancy. I asked Avery what she thought, she replied with "probably so, they have on their glasses and their wrinkles".

I need to add that she does not want me to mention this to anyone...but I think it is too funny not to share.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What happens on a field trip....

Does not always stay on a field trip. Jason picked Reagan up from school today after her field trip. This is what she looked like when I got home and with half of it cleaned up. Most of the first grade class did their own face paint.

She was excited to go on her field trip to the Children's Science Museum, but even more excited when she found out that we were not able to go with her. I asked her how it was, she said it was great and throughout the evening she kept asking me if I wanted to hear about the rest of her day. I also asked her why it was more fun without a parent there....her response was that she was in control.

She does not know, I had a contact inside the school calling me with updates. She just thinks she had all of the control.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Taos trip Feb 09

Here is a little clip of our trip last year to ski in New Mexico. Mostly of Reagan, but you can see Avery in the first few seconds as well as most of the rest of us. This video makes me laugh, everytime, now only if we had video of Avery and her lack of control from the shoulders down.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First grade math

Just for your viewing pleasure.....take a glimpse at some 1st grade math. Reagan seems to know the answers. Now if I only understood the method.

#6. Which sentences with 5 and 10 tell about the model.


a. 5+2 = 7 c. 3+2= 5
7+3= 10 5+2= 7

b. 5+2= 7 d. 5+0= 5
6+4= 10 2+0= 2

#8 Mel counts 8 ants. Zema counts 5 ants. Which tells how many ants in all?

a. 5+3 = 8
b. 8+2= 10
c. 10+3 = 13
d 10+5 = 15

So who loves first grade math??? Me, not so much. That would be shown by 1 minus the group total. I will work towards a model to show that.

What ever happened to one number plus or minus another is fill in the blank?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Here are some pictures of the girls that Mom took on Halloween before our annual trip to Haunt the Zoo. A sweet girl from Kansas and a crazy hippee full of attitude and joined us this year.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Avery's book buddie

Avery came home with a book buddie bag yesterday. This is a big step in the land of Kindergarten. Last week she went to the library and was allowed to actually check out a book and bring it home. So to start the nightly reading homework we witnesses during Reagan's Kindergarten year was a large step for our curly haired, blue eyed friend. She was rather excited. The book was titled "We Go Out." I was in their room working with Reagan on her clothes for today while Avery, who could not wait, started to read. I did not think much of it until I heard her read the following sentence. "We go out to the aquarium." What? Aquarium? I was not even sure how to spell aquarium.

I asked her to read the page again and then asked if she had read that book earlier in class or with Mrs. McRay. She had. Nice try. I chose a page in the middle, covered up the picture and asked her to read. After she guessed at every word of "We go to the pool" wrong, she asked me to let her see the pictures so that she could read it again. She was so proud of herself and so am I, even if she was looking at the pictures.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rolling on into Tuesday

Our good news continued from Monday and rolled right into Tuesday. Today I picked up Reagan with a great big golden A taped to her shirt. Needless to say she was very excited. Jason and Reagan forgot to take a picture before she changed for bed but here she is with a picture and her A. Their trip to the dentist went well today too. They both came home with another dollar for being in the no cavity club. But we were told that braces are in our future. Whhooo hoooooo.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Whene're You Make a Promise

Reagan and Avery are learning the Girl Scout Law with the rest of the their Daisy friends by learning a story of a magic garden that has flower characters that each represent a part of the Law. Every now and then they surprise me by commenting on that story and set of characters and the morals and or values that they represent. So I know that they are getting it. Getting the story, loving the characters but at the same time absorbing a set of rules to live by. I like this set of rules, I like the Girl Scout Law as well as the Girl Scout Promise and what they stand for. I wish we all lived more like Girls Scouts, or Boy Scouts for that matter. But to my point....I sat through a training class on Saturday for Troop Leaders and during the award luncheon I heard a song that I believe was written in the 1940's that I really liked and will probably end up teaching my own troop. Just because making a promise is important and I think sometimes we all forget that. I think that sometimes I may forget and am thankful that I was able to be reminded. So now I am reminding you.

Whene're you make a promise,
Consider well its importance.
And when made
Engrave it upon your heart.

Not so bad for a Monday

We ended the school day with two, actually three very exciting accomplishments.

Avery was selected as Artist of the Day in her art class today. This honor, with its capital letter A cut in a bright shade of yellow is rather sought after by the Baskin girls who love their new art teacher as much as their art class. Reagan was excited to see the 'A' on Avery's shirt and then reminded me she has made E's on every assignment and is growing a bit impatient. Which is probably why she was not selected as the Terrific kid for last week since the life principle they were working on was Patience. Here is a picture of Avery with the piece that earned her the Golden A. Note the use of color, shapes, lines and apples. All part of the past weeks curriculum.

Reagan had her first spelling test on Friday and her second math test as well. She did great! She missed only one question on her math test, which she mentioned on the way home before I got to take a peek at it. And due to her deciding to go the extra mile on the spelling test and learn the bonus words she came home with a 102%. That is one hundred and two percent!! Spring Spelling Bee here we come!! She has already made her flash cards for this weeks words and was able to do them by we may be up for a repeat this Friday!

They are so smart and so very creative and I just love everything about them, including their new chic looks.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Your word is: Spelling Test

Well that is actually two words, but today we will enter the world of Spelling Tests. Whooo-hooooo! Reagan will have 10 words each week and 5 bonus words if she so chooses. She told me on Tuesday she would rather not choose the bonus, I informed her that she should to get ready for the spring spelling bee. She then asked if I had ever been in a spelling bee which I have not so I chose not to take this opportunity to tell her about wonderful things like spell check and calculators. I am saving that for another day and then steered the conversation back to how fun spelling can be. So in short we drove home, talked about her day and I lied. That Parent of the Year award is soooo mine.

On top of that she has a math test tomorrow.....she may need the force sent to her. We went over the information for both, she went straight to sleep and now I up with the butterflies.

Wish us all luck. For the tester and the test preper(just made a new word, I wonder if it will be in the spelling bee) oh and for Avery. She has a walkathon tomorrow and will be forced to wear her Nike's which she just hates with a passion. And we all know how particular she is about her wardrobe. We may need luck and a few dozen prayers....

My Bad

Less than 5 hours ago this little phrase entered our world. Thank you elementary school!
We are also living "ha ha, word" which is just as lovely and the word "seriously" thrown in a few hundred times each day. I can not wait for the word "no" to pop up at the end of questions. Like in "do you want to go with us or no?"
I guess these are the times we are living in. Not such bad times overall, seriously.....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Children 1 : parents 0

On the way home from school today I learned that Avery had been to the office with a headache. I asked her what had happened and was told that she went to the office and Jennie told her to take it easy for a while, lay down and then took her temperature. A while later she went back to class. So I asked her how she was feeling now that her school day was over and she said that her head still hurt and that she thought some chocolate cake would make it feel better.....or some Diet Dr Pepper....."just like you had for your headache the other day, remember". As they would say....I was busted.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quote of the day

"You have to learn to read Avery, it is just part of being in Kindergarten" - Reagan on the way home this evening.

Monday, September 14, 2009

imaginations strike again....

We have been home for about 45 minutes, its cold, rainy and cloudy outside....but inside the girls are playing 'friends' and are going on an 'interview' are dressed up in way too much makeup, fancy up-do's and swimsuits and are having a picnic in the living room.

I wonder what types of jobs they are interviewing for??

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One is the loneliest number

One is the loneliest number that you'll ever know.....

This time I took the tooth straight to the box and then straight to the night its 9 and bedtime....I think the chances of the Tooth Fairy actually getting this tooth are looking good!
Reagan is going into picture day tomorrow with both of them missing. Let's hope for no retakes!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why marketing works...

Today Jason went into town and picked up some pizzas from Domino's for us to have at lunch and dinner since we were going to be in a hurry to get to Back to School. A few hours later I went to get the girls from school. Avery got in and before we left the school told me that the car smelled like "a hot and ready". She is so funny. Or since we are talking Little Cesar's maybe I should say she is "funny funny".

Sisters will be sisters

Tonight Jason and I went to Back to School night at Deer Creek....loads of fun.

After the presentation in Reagan's class we stayed to visit with her teacher who had a funny story. She knows Reagan from last year but did not know that she had a sister at the school or who she was. Today both of their classes were out on the playground at the same time for a little while. They were both on some type of climbing toy and Reagan was apparently not going fast enough for Avery and from what we heard from both teachers was that Avery was telling her to move and to hurry up. I guess rather loudly and maybe not so politely. The two teachers were standing close together and Reagan's started to go and 'fix' the problem when Avery's teacher told her that they were sisters and would probably be just fine.

They do not really bicker at home but I guess the life on the playground is a whole other ballgame.

I told them they were "sooo busted". I wonder how many stories like this we will hear over the next nine months.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cardboard Boat Regatta

Edmond's first annual Cardboard Boat Regatta

Stuart, Sean and team took the Pride of Fleet Award!!

Just for fun, think/sing "Kung Fu Fighting"

Everybody was Cardboard Boat Racing...

Those boys were fast as lightening...

In fact, it was a little bit frightening....

But they rowed with expert timing...
Everybody was Cardboard Boat Racing....and had just enough fun to fill a three hour tour....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

No back to school blues here....

It was cold, wet and rainy but that in no way dampened the excitement of Reagan and Avery on their first day of school. We have bought and 'set off' confetti shooters on the first morning for the past two years. This year we were not as together in the count down.....hopefully they can work on that at school. :o)

Here some pictures of our Elementary school students!!!

Lost tooth

Reagan lost her tooth while she was brushing her teeth this morning and surprisingly enough, it did not hurt. Go figure. Here is snaggle tooth Reagan.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Catching some rays

In August, in Oklahoma, after 8pm, in the last spot of sun in the yard. Does this fall into the category of fake baking?

And the Best Supporting Actress Award goes to....

Avery Marie, the little sister, for her supporting role in the great saga of the ever loosening first tooth of Reagan Baskin. Avery's portrayal of the little sister has gone from casually interested to the point of tears over Reagan and Reagan's incredibly ever loosening tooth. Avery has been quoted asking Reagan to "pull that thing out so she will know what it's like". She was also heard stating "Because it will be awesome!" Sources have confirmed that the younger Baskin has not been this interested in anything Reagan has done in the last 5 years.

Reagan is scared, to the point of tears, as well. The tooth is starting to turn a bit of a darker shade, slants in 45 degree angels in every direction and is starting to mess up her speech.

It has been just a like a night at the movies tonight....action, drama, suspense, tears, laughter, deception and even the rumor of a sequel set to run daily until the Tooth Fairy makes a cameo appearance. Speaking on the condition of anonymity an inside source has the funds ready to go and is just waiting on the call.

Just to be prepared, Avery has set the tooth box on Reagan's night stand....just in case something goes bump in the night.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Twas the night before school

Twas the night before school
When all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
not even a mouse.

The backpacks were laid on the black bench with care,
In hopes that they will make it all the way to the care(silent e).

The children are resting with ready confetti in their beds
While visions of bologna, mustard and pickle sandwiches dance in their heads.

Let's hope there is no clatter tonight....not sure that I am ready to 'spring' from my bed.
Or for that matter I prefer to not see a jolly old elf just yet either. But in the spirit of it all...
Happy first day of school to all and to all a good night.

First day of school pics tomorrow. They have their clothes ready, have asked for pancakes, we read Oh the Places you will Go just like last year, sprinkled the Ready Confetti under their pillows now if only Reagan will go to sleep.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Avery the new Deer Creek Antler

Roller Derby 09 pictures

The pictures are not really all that great, but here they are.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Roller Derby 09

The girls and I are spending the week cramming. Cramming in everything we can into the last week of our summer vacation. And we plan to be busy. On Tuesday we decided to try roller skating. The girls were given skates on their last birthday and have done okay around the kitchen and pool table but today was the day to try it on the slick floor. After going to Avery's picture appt we headed to Yukon and talked about our last trip there that was not so pleasant and involved a canon and cherry pie....but we paid the toll and went to Yukon anyway.

We stopped at McDonalds across the street for a quick lunch. I noticed there were a lot of flies, but its August, the doors are always open and there is food and kids there so I really did not worry about it. But at this McDonalds, I saw a first....a customer walked in with a bag, ordered a coke and sat down, pulled out a paper and a fly swatter....true story. I wonder if I have seen it all now?

Anyway, back to Yukon on Wheels. We got our tickets, I got my skates, which are still brown with orange wheels and went to get a locker. Avery thought that was cool, skates, locker and a special key! The girls did a great job. They hugged the carpet wall for a while, but Reagan left it shortly and really did pretty well. Avery....well some of you have seen Avery ski....think of her on short skis....short skis that do not prevent her from crossing them. She was a mess, the two of us laughed all afternoon. Her once white shorts, are not sort of cream. Reagan fell a couple of times, Avery tripped me once but she takes the cake on wipeouts, hands down.

A parent commented on Avery's style of skating....she runs on her stops/toes for several feet and then coasts....then runs on her stops/toes and coasts....its very, very funny. I had trouble seeing from the tears.

Here are some pictures of the two of them. Notice nothing has changed.....

And just in case you are wondering....There is still a door and hallway that keeps the sunlight from getting in, the carpet is still wild, the place still smells of feet, teeanagers and their cheap cologne, popcorn and that yellow runny stuff they serve with chips. The lights are also the same, in the middle is a big star with different colored lights with disco balls and fun lighting everywhere except the bathroom where you can barely see. They still play limbo, the corner game and end with a couples skate. The same crowd is even still there...the oh so cool looking teenagers that race and weave in and out of the slow skaters, the older people that can not leave the skating scene acting like the oh so cool teeanagers and even the boy playing air guitar on the bench. Seriously. It's a time warp....maybe it has something to do with that heavy door that keeps out the light.

Avery wants to go back tomorrow but my shoulders are so sore from holding the two of them up that we may need to take a break. I know they had fun and it was the best couples skate I can remember. It was a great trip, great to see them try something new, great to play together and great to stop by Sonic happy hour on our way out of that odd little town.

Tomorrow we are going to go for something artistic....a trip to the pottery place, the western heritage museum and maybe the zoo. Oh and to get the pictures that we forgot to pick up after our Daisy meeting. They are great pictures, coming to mailbox near you shortly.

The camera batteries just died as I tried to load the pics....I will put them up tomorrow. Hopefully they will be woth the wait. I have not even looked at them.